Exco InTouch launches Gather and redefines the use of mobile technology in clinical trials

New product suite supports patients, sites and sponsors throughout the clinical journey

Exco InTouch, a provider of patient engagement and data capture solutions for clinical research and healthcare providers, has launched Gather.

Gather offers the industry a new way to manage stakeholder engagement in clinical trials and is designed to simplify and connect the traditionally independent technology systems used in clinical trials today. The product suite offers end-to-end engagement for all participants in clinical studies, from design through to completion. This can now be delivered through one fully integrated system, making clinical technology adoption simpler and more efficient for sponsors, sites and patients, the firm says.

Tim Davis, CEO and founder of Exco InTouch, said: ‘The digital technology market for healthcare has grown rapidly in recent years and we believe that the time has come for our industry to take a step back and to reassess how we approach the use of digital technology within the clinical environment. Gather is the realisation of this vision.’

All modules, from patient recruitment and study design through to eCOA and reporting, are seamlessly connected and fully integrated into Gather, bringing a number of benefits to all those involved. For example, the system provides two-way transfer of information between patients, site managers and study teams, while ensuring it remains strictly within study protocols. Sponsors are able simply to select the modules suited to their trial protocols, adding and removing elements as appropriate with no disruption.

Furthermore, an intuitive user interface includes role-based permissions as standard, providing appropriate levels of access, reporting and analytics according to the defined access level of the registered user. For example, Gather provides site investigators, healthcare professionals and study managers access to a tailored view of relevant data and results, including automatic access to accurate patient feedback in real-time.

Gather can be accessed through any Internet-connected device, allowing the selection of the most appropriate device, or devices, for the study protocol, geography and patient demographic: eCOA capture is therefore simplified and patients are more engaged, resulting in the collection of better quality data.

Davis continued: ‘By combining our existing patient-centric products into one system, we have created something that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Gather provides enhanced engagement for all stakeholders in the clinical trial process improving efficiency, workflow and providing a logical integrated view of data generated throughout the study lifecycle.’

The product suite is built on a secure, scalable infrastructure, utilising Exco InTouch’s patented mDNA technology to optimise the user interface whilst ensuring personally identifiable information (PII) is protected. In addition, a rules engine has been designed and embedded to enhance workflow control and flexibility, defining actions based on user inputs.