Hovione launches formulation screening service

Published: 14-Jan-2021

The service aims to enable fast progress to clinical supplies and minimal formulation changes before commercialisation

Hovione has announced ASD-HIPROS, a screening service for spray dried dispersions. This platform is designed to identify commercially viable amorphous solid dispersions formulation by spray drying (ASDs).

Hovione claims the methodology is able to rapidly screen for the best combination of polymers, drug loads, surfactants and solvents using an advanced computational tool followed by producing scale-independent representative samples of the most promising formulations, which are evaluated for performance and stability.

“ASD-HIPROS is a multiple-step screening service that was perfected in the last 15 years and is able to provide an accurate assessment of spray dried dispersion, in less than 2 months and requiring as little as 5-g of API.” said Dr Filipe Gaspar, Hovione’s CTO. “Our accumulated experience and expertise in spray drying were used for the development of this platform. It offers a rational formulation definition using a combination of in silico computational modelling and high throughput formulation testing, maximizing the chances of identifying a winning formulation based on outputs obtained from spray drying prototypes”.

“We offer a seamless experience, for our customers, and a secure path for their drugs to clinical supplies and commercialization, thanks to our unmatched experience, know-how and manufacturing capacity.” said Dr Jean-Luc Herbeaux, Hovione’s COO.

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