Hovione offers Rapid Proof of Concept Service

Published: 21-Oct-2011

Speeds up dry powder inhalation product development

Hovione, a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, particle design and formulation development, has launched a Rapid Proof of Concept service for the development of dry powder inhalation (DPI) products.

Building on the Portuguese firm’s established DPI development capability, the new service simplifies the development of formulations, producing a proof of concept formulation of a client’s molecule in just a few weeks.

Hovione says it has simplified DPI product development, as well as reducing complexity and the time needed for completion by co-ordinating the three disciplines of particle engineering, formulation technology and inhaler design.

Hovione has all of this expertise under one roof, which eliminates the issues that can arise when using multiple CROs while reducing costs, shortening development timescales and stream-lining the development process.

Peter Villax, Hovione’s vice president of Pharma & Innovation, said: ‘This new Rapid Proof of Concept service offers clients a low risk look at the feasibility of developing a DPI product and gives them greater confidence about going into later stage development. Clients of the new service don’t just get a report, they get their first DPI formulation.’

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