Improved fermenter/bioreactor from Sartorius Stedim Biotech


Compact and modular system is designed for in situ sterilisation and is suitable for microbial and cell cultures

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has launched a new version of its proven stainless steel fermenter/bioreactor, BIOSTAT D-DCU. The compact and modular system, designed for in situ sterilisation, is suitable for microbial and cell cultures and is supplied in working volumes of 10–200L. Typical applications include the process development and production of small-batch biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics and other secondary metabolites.

The modular design of the BIOSTAT D-DCU enables flexible configuration to meet individual customer needs, the company says. Available options range from a basic batch set-up to sophisticated configurations supporting advanced gassing and feeding strategies, WIT-ready filter housings, automatic transfers and sterile harvesting.

Thanks to its standardised components and functions, design and construction times are reduced, resulting in faster deliveries; operator training is quick and easy, as are process transfers to other departments and locations, and spare parts are readily available.

The bioreactor's control unit is available in single or twin versions and can drive one or two culture vessels simultaneously and independently. The 19-inch touchscreen is intuitive and easy to use and, as well as controlling process parameters such as temperature, agitator speed and pressure, pH and DO (pO2), optical density, the system also features fully automatic sterilisation and cleaning functions.

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The bioreactor connects easily to single-use filters and bags, as well as single-use systems for media preparation and/or cell harvesting. The new TakeOne aseptic single-use sampling system ensures safe and contamination-free sampling, avoiding complicated and time-consuming cleaning and sterilisation of the sampling valve and bottle.