Medline micropipettes are easy and comfortable to use

Include a safety device on the thumb-controlled plunger

The latest micropipettes from Medline Scientific minimise the risk of repetitive strain injury

The latest micropipettes from UK laboratory equipment specialist Medline Scientific are said to be easy to use and assure a high level of user comfort during operation, minimising the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The Medline micropipette is manufactured in Germany, is CE-marked for IVD use and factory calibrated to dispense accurately under normal European ambient conditions (20°C, 50% humidity and 101Kpa barometric pressure). Individual micropipettes are supplied with a calibration and test certificate and they are tested twice and calibrated to conform to EN ISO 8655 and DIN 12650 standards.

Integral to the design of the variable volume pipette is an innovative soft grip and safety device on the thumb-controlled plunger. This feature prevents accidental volume changes during use facilitating maximum precision and accuracy. The universal two-step plunger allows reverse pipette techniques to be performed and enables last drop dispensing. This further contributes to a high level of accuracy in use.

Medline micropipettes may be safely autoclaved at 120°C and 1.05bar/15Psi for 15 minutes. Maintenance and adjustment are simple procedures as the user can readily re-calibrate the micropipette with the adjustment tool supplied.

There are eight variable models in the range covering volume ranges from 0.1 to 5000µl. A further 14 fixed volume models compliment the range covering 5 to 10,000µl and 4 or 6 position bench racks are available for easy storage.