Merck Millipore launches Mobius FlexReady


With Smart Flexware Assemblies for tangential flow filtration

Merck Millipore has added the Mobius FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware Assemblies for tangential flow filtration (TFF) to its portfolio. The automated system features scalable filtration technologies for unmatched performance and operational flexibility, the company says.

Unlike traditional single-use processing systems, this modular system is easy to set up, providing the ability to switch from TFF to chromatography with a minimum number of component changes, making it suitable for pilot plants and CMOs with rapidly changing demands.

The system is suitable for a range of concentration and diafiltration processes. In addition to the feed pump and retentate valve control loops, it also includes an automated flow control valve on the filtrate line to enable open ultrafiltration and microfiltration operations.

A variety of recycle vessel configurations are available with the Mobius FlexReady Solution to provide maximum process capability. In addition to different vessel volumes, users can select a plastic or a double-jacketed stainless steel carrier, depending on whether or not temperature control is required. All recycle vessels are supplied with integrated load cells, mixer, and temperature sensor, and can be installed by a single operator.

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Vin Donovan, vice president of Biopharm Process Solutions, said: ‘Users now have one platform for two process steps (TFF and chromatography) with both systems sharing the same Smart Cart and software, thus streamlining the capital investment and learning curve while speeding their molecule to clinic.’