Mettler Toledo releases conductivity converter app

Free new mobile app allows engineers and instrumentation professionals to convert between concentration and conductivity

Mettler Toledo Process Analytics has released a smartphone/tablet app that converts conductivity readings to concentration levels and vice-versa.

One of the key applications for the measurement of electrolytic conductivity in process analytical chemistry is analysing solution strength in concentration control or monitoring.

The principle of this analytical method is based on pure salts and acids showing distinctive electrolytic conductivity behaviour at different concentrations in aqueous solutions.

The characteristic conductivity curves of chemical solutions are often hard to come by, as literature on the subject is limited and data are not published widely.

With its free CONDverter app, Mettler Toledo Process Analytics provides a simple reference tool that allows the user to select a species from a list of typically used industrial chemicals and enter a concentration value.

CONDverter calculates and displays the corresponding conductivity value in a wide range of measurement units. The tool also works vice-versa, calculating concentration after entering a conductivity value.

“I was surprised to find no one's done this before,” said Eric Chan, conductivity product manager at Mettler Toledo Process Analytics.

“Converting between concentration and conductivity is a common requirement, and a handy tool on your phone makes life much easier.”


  • Extensive database of 80 commonly used chemicals
  • Instant conversion from given concentration to expected conductivity
  • Instant conversion from given conductivity to expected concentration
  • Indication of various concentration values for single conductivity value
  • Conversion ability between 18 common conductivity units
  • Integrated access to further information on applicable measurement systems

The app is available from the App Store, Google Play and