Natoli Engineering’s TabletCAD helps with in-house tablet design


Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.’s TabletCAD web-based tablet design software is a unique and complimentary online service that offers the convenience of designing tablets in-house with real-time validation

TabletCAD links tablet designs directly to the manufacturing process so tooling will be shaped precisely to the models. An intuitive user interface guides the design process with helpful tips and real-time design validation.

Well thought-out design is a key factor in tablet quality, so this should not be overlooked or taken for granted. A well-designed tablet can:

  • ensure solid tablet quality
  • maximise tablet production
  • enhance the product lifecycle
  • create easy recognition, which builds brand equity and incorporates brand authentication.

TabletCAD allows tablet design work to be done from any location with internet access, on any device (PC, tablet, or phone), and on any operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android). Key features include:

  • real-time surface area, volume, and perimeter calculations
  • real-time geometry validation
  • simple user interface with tooltip information and links between dimensions and their controls
  • online help documentation and walkthroughs
  • calculates the volume displaced by the addition of a bisect.

Click here for access to Natoli's free TabletCAD tablet design tool.

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