Peli BioPharma division launches in August

With a series of temperature-controlled cases for the pharma industry

In August Peli BioPharma will launch temperature-controlled cases for the pharmaceutical and biologics industry

Peli Products, a US manufacturer of high-performance protective cases and advanced portable lighting systems, has created a new Peli BioPharma division that will launch cold chain products, logistics and service.

In August, Peli BioPharma will introduce a line of temperature-controlled cases for the pharmaceutical and biologics industry.

‘The surprisingly sub-standard packaging solutions available to customers relying on the global cold chain are unacceptable,’ said Lyndon Faulkner, president and chief executive of Peli Products.

‘We brought the full weight of Peli science and engineering to create these new transport cases.’

Peli BioPharma cases will focus on reusability, temperature control and security. They will deliver more than 140 hours of temperature control and each case will also be secure and lockable. Supported by global logistics partners, the cases will be available for purchase or through rental and long-term leasing.

Two cases will be in the vanguard of a full line of Peli BioPharma solutions in development: the BP 2620 medium case and the BP 3075 large case, both featuring 140+ hours at temperatures between 2–8ºC.

Jeff Wodrich is leading the new division as director of business development. He is a cold chain industry veteran who brings more than 17 years of product development, business development, marketing, and project management expertise to his position. A team of international sales experts and qualified technical engineers will support him.