SGS Digicomply launches free COVID-19 INTEL AI platform


COVID-19 INTEL is an AI platform designed for teams on the pandemic research frontline

SGS Digicomply launches free COVID-19 INTEL AI platform

As medical research teams around the world accelerate their efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, SGS Digicomply has launched a complimentary new AI tool to facilitate and enhance their pioneering work.

COVID-19 INTEL is a powerful content management platform exclusively developed by data scientists and developers at SGS Digicomply. The platform utilises advances in natural language processing and other AI techniques to overcome barriers faced by the research community in keeping up with the large and growing volume of research.

Its launch is in response to a call to action from the US White House, and a coalition of leading research groups, for organisations to provide tools that can help generate new insights into the virus and its behaviour.

"The number of new research papers published every day on COVID-19 is too much for any individual organisation to keep up with. At its core, the Digicomply product is designed to process large volumes of scientific and regulatory data, making it the perfect tool for sorting, cataloguing and sharing COVID-19 related data," said Nicola Colombo, Head of SGS Digicomply.

"Our team of data scientists, developers and managers has been able to respond quickly to this new challenge. We all look forward to sharing our efforts with the research community and their inspiring work in combating the virus."

Already the platform comprises over 44,000 documents published by and for the research community – a number that is rapidly expanding as new scientific papers are published. Each article is processed to enable associations with the most pertinent questions the community is striving to answer, such as "What is known about transmission, incubation, and environmental stability?", "What do we know about COVID-19 risk factors?", "What do we know about virus genetics, origin and evolution?" and "How can we understand how geography affects virality?".

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The complimentary platform is available to anyone working within the research community. To sign up, click here.

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