Sartorius makes $750m addition to bioprocessing portfolio

Published: 27-Nov-2019

The three business, obtained from Danaher, cover label-free biomolecular characterisation, chromatography hardware and resins, and microcarrier technology

Sartorius has signed an agreement to acquire parts of Danaher’s Life Science Portfolio for approximately $750 million. The businesses selected had combined sales turnover of approximately $140 million in 2018 with a strong growth profile and employing around 300 people worldwide.

The proposed transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020 and is subject to customary closing conditions and the successful acquisition of the GE Biopharma business by Danaher.

“The portfolio proposed for acquisition represents an excellent strategic fit with Sartorius,” said Dr Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO of Sartorius. “With the Octet platform of FortéBio, we will add a broadly accepted and differentiated technology for advancing and simplifying Drug discovery to our lab division’s portfolio.”

Kreuzburg said that the chromatography hardware and resins and the microcarrier businesses will broaden Sartorius’ bioprocessing offering, particularly in the downstream area.

The portfolio proposed to be acquired includes three businesses that are currently part of Danaher’s Life Science platform.

The chromatography hardware and resins and the microcarrier businesses will broaden Sartorius’ bioprocessing offering

First, the label-free biomolecular characterisation business (FortéBio). This comprises innovative Protein analysis instruments, biosensors and reagents that are used in drug discovery and would become part of Sartorius’ bioanalytics unit within its Lab Products & Services division. The products are based on the patented biolayer interferometry technology and perform real-time analysis of biomolecular interaction. The business employs approximately 200 employees worldwide with production sites in Fremont, California, US, and Shanghai, China, and accounts for roughly half of the acquired turnover.

Second, the chromatography hardware and resins business. This will allow Sartorius to expand the offerings of its Bioprocess Solutions division. The business addresses an essential step in Downstream bioprocessing and encompasses multi-use and single-use equipment as well as columns and resins. The unit employs approximately 100 people at its sites in Europe and the US.

The third business, SoloHill, includes mainly a microcarrier technology and particle validation standards used in cell culture and other bioprocesses. It is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US, and employs approximately 10 employees.

This proposed transaction, Danaher’s acquisition of the GE Biopharma business, the proposed regulatory remedies (the package of assets being sold) for Danaher’s acquisition of the GE Biopharma business, and Sartorius as the buyer in such remedies, are all subject to approvals from various regulatory authorities.

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