SureLife Filter Calculator helps simplify respirator filter selection


To ensure that users get the appropriate level of protection

With hundreds of different filters available for respiratory equipment, choosing the right one can be tricky, but Scott Safety, a leader in respiratory protection, has launched the SureLife Filter Calculator, an online tool that recommends the most suitable filter based on the user’s data.

Mark Andrews, Air Purifying Product Manager at Scott Safety, says the company has introduced the SureLife Filter Calculator to help simplify filter selection and ensure that users are getting the appropriate level of protection.

‘The free online tool allows users to input their own data to select an appropriate filter for their specific environment,’ he says. ‘The calculator has a comprehensive database of respiratory hazard data to make an appropriate filter selection for specific hazard environment and recommends compatible equipment to ensure the user has all information required for adequate protection.’

The tool also indicates where filter-based respiratory products are not suitable, for example where breathing apparatus is required in oxygen-deficient atmospheres.

The product selector guides the user through the suitability of work environments, the types of dusts, fumes or mists present and the contaminants likely to be encountered. The calculator then allows the user to select input exposure limits before it identifies what type of filter should be used.

The software can even make filter recommendations for hazard mixtures, which can often be experienced in real-life situations.

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The Scott Safety product line includes self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air and air-purifying respirators, PPE, gas detection instruments, thermal imaging cameras, and firefighter locators for a range of industries.