The International Rett Syndrome Foundation appoints three to the board

Dr David Pass, PharmD; Lisa Monteggia, PhD; and Mitch Bleske have joined the Board of Directors

The International Rett Syndrome Foundation has made three new appointments to their Board of Directors. David Pass, PharmD, Lisa Monteggia, PhD, and Mitch Bleske.

The three new hires join Rettsyndorme’s robust board filled with passionate advocates, industry leaders, and acclaimed experts, all serving together to change the course of Rett syndrome.

Dr David Pass

Rettsyndrome is propelled by its board of directors who serve to advance the organisation’s progress in Rett syndrome research and enrich its ability to connect affected families to the resources and support that can radically change lives for the better.

Dr David Pass

Dr David Pass is the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Commercial at Gelesis, a biotechnology company developing a novel category of therapies for GI-related chronic diseases. Pass’s most notably built and led billion-dollar franchise, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) for Diabetes and has expertise in the FDA regulatory process to bring compounds to patients. Pass has a niece who currently lives with Rett syndrome, which fuels his passion for serving Rettsyndrome.


Dr Lisa Monteggia

Dr Lisa Monteggia brings her award-winning expertise and robust research in neuroscience to the board.

Monteggia’s recognitions include a young investigator award from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, the Daniel X Freedman Award from NARSAD for outstanding research, the Rising Star Award from the International Mental Health Research Organisation, and the Daniel H Efron Award for outstanding basic/translational research by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

Monteggia is currently the Director of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.

Mitch Bleske

Mitch Bleske brings a financial perspective as the current Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Bremer Financial.

Mitch Bleske

Bleske oversees and expertly guides all of Bremer Financial’s management activities, covering interest rate risk, liquidity, capital, wholesale funding, and investments.

Additionally, Bleske directs commercial, agriculture, mortgage, insurance, and wealth management teams. Bleske boasts a history of partnership with the Midwest Rett Syndrome Foundation. He brings a personal source of inspiration to the Rettsyndrome board of directors as a father whose child is living with Rett syndrome.

With these additions comes even richer history, unique perspectives, powerful research, and life-changing opportunities.

Melissa Kennedy, Rettsyndrome Executive Director, commented: “Advancements in science, clinical care, and biotech are changing rapidly, and when I look to the future of, I am confident of the team we have in place,”.

Kennedy continued: “Our board, which represents families affected by Rett syndrome, scientists, biotech, and pharma can help us aggressively take advantage of these opportunities to provide greater hope for our families.”