Titan flowmeter software enables optimum point-of-signal tuning

Titan Enterprises announces new software functionality for its Atrato and MetraFlow ultrasonic flowmeters that enables customers to move the measurement window to ensure optimum point-of-signal tuning.

Most ultrasonic flowmeters can reliably measure fluids that transmit ultrasonic sound waves within a specific band. But, if a fluid has significantly differing acoustic characteristics — such as viscous organic fluids or if measurement is at elevated temperatures — then the acoustic operational window can be missed by the sensors. For the first time on an ultrasonic flowmeter, this challenge has been overcome.

The Atrato and MetraFlow low flow ultrasonic flowmeters from Titan Enterprises use patented ultrasonic technology, which enables them to operate with excellent accuracy across very wide flow ranges (0.002–20 L/min). Both of these low flow ultrasonic flowmeters also offer excellent turndown (>200:1), repeatability (+/–0.5%), linearity and a reading accuracy of better than +/–1.0%.

The rugged, clean bore construction of the Atrato and MetraFlow ultrasonic flowmeters makes them ideal for almost any low flow application, from research and development to industrial processes and even the metering of chemically challenging liquids.