Why large pharma companies turn to innovative serialisation solutions


Adents, serialisation solutions specialist will showcase its Adents Seriza and Prodigi, which help pharma companies generate, transfer, secure and empower their serialisation data — from packaging lines to end customers

Taking place in Paris 7–8 February, Pharmapack Europe will be the premier destination for pharma companies and CMOs searching for alternative serialisation solutions.

As the industry enters stretch runs for several high-profile serialisation mandates, the time is now for companies struggling to comply to reimagine their track and trace architecture in favour of more nimble, far-reaching solutions.

At Pharmapack, Adents will showcase its latest innovations (booth G66, hall 7.1) specifically business intelligence capabilities, optimised connectivity tools and a HoloLens application accompanying Prodigi.

Moreover, Christophe Carissimo, Customer Service Director at Adents, will give a presentation titled “How to ensure reliable and seamless management, sharing and reporting of your serialization data” during the “Serialization and Track & Trace” Symposium on 7 February.

Recently Adents has noticed that many pharma companies — including large industry players — have experienced onerous difficulties in deploying serialisation. In most instances, these implementations failed because the software solution could not seamlessly adapt to regulatory changes, or manage new requirements for additional markets, without time-consuming, resource-laden coding jobs.

Given the looming deadlines to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in the US and the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and also the numbers of packaging lines to be upgraded, large pharma companies are turning to Adents’ innovative, robust solutions to help them master serialisation data utilisation and maximise its business potential.

With its two serialisation solutions, Adents Seriza (for manufacturing sites), and Adents Prodigi (for marketing authorisation holders), Adents is differentiating itself through several crucial factors:

  • permanent compliance: Adents offers the only fully configurable serialisation solutions, ensuring compliance with current regulations as well as future regulatory requirements
  • end-to-end data management: Adents has deployed a global serialisation solution from Level 2 through Level 5 for its customers. This gives Adents unique expertise on the serialisation data lifespan, from initial generation and exchange with supply chain partners all the way through reporting or sharing with local authorities and governments
  • widest connectivity: thanks to Adents Prodigi, a cloud-native solution co-developed with Microsoft, Adents became the first European provider to offer a certified Gateway to the EMVS (European Medicines Verification System). Having joined the pilot programme, Adents is in the process of connecting Prodigi with the Russian Hub. Furthermore, the integration with Origin, a central data repository in the US operated by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), is underway
  • global network of serialisation experts: along with highly respected partners such as Microsoft and Siemens, Adents offers the only global network that keeps on growing. This network consists of more than 800 experts eager to ensure fast and seamless implementation of Adents solution.

“Our experience shows that the most critical step for pharma companies to successfully achieve serialisation compliance is effectively adapt their information system architecture. From the packaging line to the patient, they need a versatile serialisation solution that can properly generate, transfer and secure their serialisation data,” said Christophe Devins, CEO of Adents.

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