Agilent opens X-ray diffraction manufacturing facility in Wroclaw, Poland

Expands its manufacturing capacity for single crystal X-ray diffraction products

Agilent opens a new X-ray diffraction manufacturing facility in Wroclaw, Poland

Agilent Technologies, a US measurement company, has opened a new X-ray diffraction manufacturing facility in Wrocław, Poland, after outgrowing its previous plant.

The company says the new state-of-the-art facility expands its manufacturing capacity and offers enhanced R&D capabilities.

The plant has been designed specifically for the production of Agilent’s expanding range of products for single-crystal X-ray diffraction, including the recently launched GV1000 X-ray diffractometer.

‘We have been looking forward to relocating to a larger, custom-designed facility for some time,’ said Zdzisław Bober, country manager for Agilent Poland.

‘The building provides enhanced facilities for product development and manufacturing, and a greatly enhanced working environment for all local employees. The space has been designed to comply with the strictest X-ray safety requirements, and this enables us to work more easily with higher intensity X-ray equipment.’

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction systems are used for routine analytical chemistry and challenging small molecule and protein diffraction studies.

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