Continuous manufacturing workshop hosted by L.B. Bohle Maschinen

Forty experts from the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and authorities from all around the world, visited a 3 day workshop in Ennigerloh, hosted by L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren

Continuous production unit

The symposium on continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing demonstrated manufacturing processes of the future.

Tim Remmert, CEO at L.B. Boyle Maschinen, said: “In the area of continuous manufacturing, we are the technological leader in the pharmaceutical industry, together with our partners from industry and academia.”

Thorsten Wesselmann, Technical Director at L.B. Boyle Maschinen, said: “For pharmaceutical manufacturers continuous manufacturing means shorter time to market, more flexible production of smaller batches and high precision and quality due to comprehensive process monitoring and control. The pharmaceutical industry can save both time and money.”

Andreas Altmeyer Head of the Service Centre, explains the coater

Remmert said: “There is a huge interest in continuous manufacturing. Experts from all over the world no longer wonder whether, but when the breakthrough will come. It is the same as with e-mobility. But everybody in the industry knows: The “point of no return” has already been passed. At the same time, we all have to be aware that perseverance is required due to the long-term planning of new production plants. L.B. Bohle has now combined all activities surrounding continuous manufacturing under a new product name.”

The three-day symposium focused on the Technology Center. Since March 2015 L.B. Bohle has been offering an open platform for the development of innovative processes of continuous manufacturing. Customers, scientists and cooperation partners from all over the world draw on the unique system for experimental and testing purposes.

“Permanent and process-overlapping measurement, monitoring and production control are the key to success in continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry,” explains Thorsten Wesselmann. “We see ourselves as solution partners for the entire process.”

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