GSK wins environmental award


In recognition of its ongoing efforts to reduce its energy and water use

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has received the 2010 Environmental Stewardship Award from Nalco Company, a US-headquartered sustainability services firm, in recognition of its ongoing efforts to reduce its energy and water use and impact on climate change.

The Environmental Stewardship Award recognises exceptional performance in achieving sustainability objectives and financial goals.

‘In addition, it recognises companies that go beyond measuring performance and embrace a mindset of continuous improvement to help achieve or surpass their targets by leveraging the partnerships of experts in the industry,’ said Emilio Tenuta, Nalco's director of sustainability.

In 2006, GSK set targets to reduce its water consumption by 2% a year by 2010. By 2009, this had been cut 15%, significantly exceeding the targets. In addition, in 2007 the firm launched a climate change programme for its operations, setting targets to reduce energy use by 45% per unit of sales by 2015, using 2006 figures as a benchmark.

Richard Pamenter, vp and head of GSK's Environmental Sustainability Centre of Excellence said receiving the award reinforces the firm’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The annual Environmental Return on Investment (eROI) that GSK has achieved from using Nalco's sustainable solutions includes:

  • more than 325,000 cubic metres (85.8m gallons) of water savings, enough for the annual water needs of nearly 3,400 people
  • 4.1 million kWh of energy savings, equal to 147 households annual use
  • 2,000 metric tonnes of CO2 reduction, equal to more than 83,000 trees
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These environmental improvements also resulted in financial savings for GSK of more than £1.3m since 2008.