Lyoplus performs three tasks in one unit

Improving productivity and reducing environmental impact

The Lyoplus mass spectrometer from GEA Lyophil has been evaluated by a leading pharmaceutical company

A leading pharmaceutical company has been evaluating GEA Lyophil’s Lyoplus mass spectrometer to provide essential data from within the freeze dryer itself.

The unnamed company has confirmed a number of benefits, including the ability to detect very small silicone oil leaks inside the dryer; the ability to monitor the moisture content within the freeze drying chamber; identifying the end point of primary and secondary drying; and a much easier and faster leak detection.

The pharmaceutical company is already operating a Lyoplus system and will shortly have it fitted to five additional freeze dryers. By the end of 2012 it expects to have more systems in operation.

Lyoplus is able to work alongside any existing PLC/SCADA system as a stand-alone unit or fully integrated within the control system. It can also be operated independently as a monitoring system that does not interfere with any qualified processes.

GEA Lyophil says Lyoplus performs three tests – silicone oil detection, moisture content and chamber leakage – in one single unit, thereby improving productivity; reducing power consumption and the environmental impact of the process; and saving time and money.

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