Michael Smith Engineers introduces low flow high pressure pumps


Typical applications for the models include chemical transfer and processing, electroplating, water & waste water transfer, circuit board manufacture and pharmaceuticals

Michael Smith Engineers introduces low flow high pressure pumps

The Finish Thompson DB Series range of magnetically driven centrifugal pumps has been extended with two multi-stage pumps.

Available from Michael Smith Engineers, the models have two (MSDB2) or three impellers (MSDB3). The products can generate more pressure at low flows, which means in some applications they can be used as a smaller, less expensive pump.

Available in a choice of polypropylene or PVDF, the MSDB pumps are designed for low flow / high head pumping applications, covering flows to 16 m³/hr and differential heads to over 60 metres with minimum flow capabilities at 5 lit/min. In addition to the higher pressure at lower flows the models offer the advantages of DB pumps owing to their magnetic drive technology; no seals to replace and zero leakage.

They feature Neodymium-Iron-Boron inner magnets completely encapsulated in unfilled polypropylene or PVDF for magnet protection and chemical resistance. The outer drive allows measurement-free drive installation for magnet alignment.

Various optional components and materials are available to suit specific applications. When fitted with chemical grade carbon bushing, DB pumps can be dry run for extended periods without damage as the temperature of the shaft remains cool for hours. Shafts are available in high purity alumina ceramic, Hastelloy C, or SiC.

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MSDB pumps can be mounted to NEMA and IEC motors and a variety of connections including NPT or BSP threads, adjustable flanges or union. Vertical installation is also an option with IEC motor frames.