ODV-2D from Printronix Auto ID now supports QR codes


The fully integrated thermal barcode printer and validator could help businesses save money

Following the launch earlier this year of the fully integrated thermal barcode printer and validator, the ODV-2D, its developer Printronix Auto ID has just released an update to enable the device to additionally validate QR codes as well as 1D and 2D barcodes.

Preventing labels that do not conform to ISO standards from entering the supply chain could save firms thousands of pounds a year in chargebacks and non-compliance fines.

The ODV-2D reads and grades every label it prints to ISO standards. If a label hits the predetermined standard then no problem but if it does not, this device rejects the offending barcode, overstrikes it and reprints it, all without operator intervention. It performs this complex action at production speeds of up to 8” per second and ensures 100% barcode accuracy.

All the information generated by the grading process is available in a daily compliance report, vitally important for firms needing to prove the integrity and image quality of their barcodes at point of origin into the supply chain. Use of Printronix Auto ID’s PrintNet Enterprise software further enables such reports on all devices in an enterprise to be managed from a single location.

“A number of sectors are relying more and more on 2D barcodes like QR codes, largely because of the increased data capacity they offer,” said Neil Baker, Sales Manager UK, Ireland & South Africa, Printronix Auto ID/TSC Auto ID Technology EMEA.

“But with increasing regulatory requirements comes the need for higher label data and accuracy, so the logical solution was to develop a system that streamlined the validation and verification process without affecting productivity.”

“Our ODV-2D is the first fully integrated solution on the market, it sets a new benchmark in validation technology. Its advanced features enable it to be integrated easily and quickly into an enterprise without any application set up,” said Baker.

Built on the proven design of Printronix Auto ID’s most robust printer, the T8000, the design of the ODV-2D has been refined and improved to optimise productivity and space requirements.

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“Our scalable platform allows us to add new features and functions as customer needs and industry requirements evolve. The ODV-2D has proved incredibly popular since its launch and its added capability of supporting QR codes is expected to make it more desirable to firms looking to verify barcode label quality before it enters the supply chain,“ he concluded.


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