Patent applications published 7 February 2011


Selected patent applications from the weekly European Patents Bulletin

  • Cyclodextrin-containing suspension concentrates, method for producing the same and their use
    BASF 2278877*

  • 2-aryl glycinamide derivatives
    Bristol-Myers Squibb 2278878*

  • Compounds, compsns and methods comprising oxadiazole derivatives
    Institute for OneWorld Health 2278879*

  • Steroid treatment for hot flashes
    Pherin Pharmaceuticals 2278880*

  • Immunoisolation patch system for cellular transplantation
    Encapsulife 2278883*

  • Treatment of dysmenorrhea via transdermal administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    Teikoku Pharma 2278947*

  • Pharmaceutical compsn and diagnostic and therapeutic use thereof
    Scigliano, Giuseppe Augusto 2278955*

  • Antiviral formulation
    Medivir 2278956*

  • Oral pharmaceutical compsns in a solid dispersion comprising preferably posaconazole and HPMCAS
    Schering 2278957*

  • Compsn for the oral delivery of corticosteroids
    Archimedes Development 2278958*

  • Composite carrier for powdery drugs, a method of the carrier manufacturing and a plant for manufacturing the composite carrier particles
    Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcji Farmaceutycznej Hasxo-Lek 2278959*

  • Dosing regimen for a selective SIP1 receptor agonist
    Actelion Pharmaceuticals 2278960*

  • Calcimimetic compound for use in the treatment of epithelial injury
    Amgen; Yale University 2278961*

  • Methods for the treatment of dermatological disorders
    Janssen Pharmaceutica 2278962*

  • Derivatives of taxol and closely related compounds
    Rayan, Anwar 2278963*

  • Use of LHRH antagonists at non-castrating doses
    Aeterna Zentaris 2278964*

  • Substituted pyrazolamides and the use thereof
    AiCuris 2278965*

  • Treatment with opioid antagonists and MTOR inhibitors
    The University of Chicago 2278966*

  • Bis-quaternary pyridinium-aldoyime salts and treatment of exposure to cholinesterase inhibitors
    Southwest Research Institute 2278967*

  • 1,5-diphenyl-pyrrolidin-2-one compounds as CB-1 ligands
    Eli Lilly 2278968*

  • Inhibitors of janus kinases
    Merck Sharp & Dohme 2278969*

  • Process for the preparation of donepezil hydrochloride
    Cipla 2278970*

  • Compsns for the treatment of vaginal infections with chronic inflammation
    Indena 2278971*

  • Treatment for neurological and mental disorders
    Psychogenics 2278972*

  • Gem-disubstituted and spirocyclic amino pyridines/pyrimidines as cell cycle inhibitors
    Amgen 2278973*

  • A compsn for regulation cellular senescence comprising lysophosphatidic acid and inhibitor of adeylyl cyclase as active ingredients
    Seoul National University Industry Foundation 2278974*

  • Novel nitroso compounds as nitroxyl donors and methods of use thereof
    Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals 2278975*

  • 2H-benzo[B][1,4]oxazin-3(4H)-one derivatives for use as stearoyl CoA desaturase inhibitors
    Gilead Sciences 2278976*

  • Aromatic heterocyclic fused indolobenzadiazepine HCV NS5B inhibitors
    Bristol-Myers Squibb 2278977*

  • Non-hormonal steroid modulators of NF-KB for treatment of disease
    Validus Biopharma 2278978*

  • Method of treating pneumoconiosis with oligodeoxynucleotides
    The Government of the United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services 2278979*

  • Treatment of migraines without aura in pregnant women by inhalation of dioxygen gas
    L’Air Liquide Société Anonyme for l’Etude et de l’Exploitation des Procédés Georges Claude 2278980*

  • Biological markers and response to treatment for pain, inflammation, neuronal or vascular injury and methods of use
    Warsaw Orthopedic 2278981*

  • Compsns and methods for treating neurodegenerative diseases
    Marine Bio 2278982*

  • Method for producing essential tincture, for the extraction and enhancement of the whole of the active ingredients of all plants, and of the plants (roots, wood, plants and flowers)
    Millescamps, Jean-Marie 2278983*

  • Compsns and methods for enhancing fertility
    The Ramaekers Family Trust 2278984*

  • Medicinal plants extract using processing of herbal medicine and compsn of skin external application comprising the same
    Amorepacific Corp 2278985*

  • A product for topical administration
    Prime Interaction Holdings 2278986*

  • Modulation and repletion/enhancement of the complement system for treatment of trauma
    Apelis 2278987*

  • Methods to increase permeability of corneal epithelium and destabilise stromal collagen fibril network
    Euclid Systems 2278988*

  • Methods of inhibiting and treating biofilms using glycopeptide antibiotics
    Targanta Therapeutics 2278989*

  • Ezrin, Serpin B5, peroxiredoxin-2 and heat shock protein beta-1 as autoantigens for treating or detecting streptococcal diseases
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität 2278990*

  • Use of defensins against meningitis
    Novozymes Adenium Biotech 2278991*

  • Therapy for vitiligo
    Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals 2278992*

  • Method of promoting wound healing
    Corthera 2278993*

  • Flagellin polypeptide vaccines
    Institute for Systems Biology 2278994*

  • Compounds for use in therapy
    Bangor University; Universiteit Gent 2278995*

  • Adjuvants for use in vaccination
    Bangor University; Universiteit Gent 2278996*

  • Nanoemulsions influenza vaccine
    Nanobio 2278997*

  • Design and synthesis of directed sequence polymer compsns and antibodies thereof for treatment of protein conformational disorders
    Declion Pharmaceuticals 2278998*

  • Auris formulations for treating otic diseases and conditions
    Otonomy; The Regents of the University of California 2278999*

  • Method for the prevention and treatment of cancer by inhibition of GPVI
    CSL Behring 2279000*

  • Inhibitors of GM-CSF and IL-17 for therapy
    Micromet 2279001*

  • Anti-nucleic acid antibody inducing cell death of cancer cells and compsn for preventing or treating cancers comprising the same
    Ajou University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation 2279002*

  • An anti-CD137 antibody as an agent in the treatment of inflammatory conditions
    GTC Biotherapeutics 2279003*

  • Use of biomarkers for assessing treatment of gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders with beta-7-integrin antagonists
    F Hoffmann-La Roche 2279004*

  • Pharmaceutical formulations having carboxyvinyl polymer and povidone polymer
    Alcon Research 2279005*

  • Therapeutic use of new pharma preparations containing antitumoral drugs bound to hy-aluronic acid in the treatment of neoplasias
    Fidia Farmaceutici 2279006*

  • Pegylated recombinant human growth hormone compounds
    Ascendis Pharma 2279007*

  • Pharmaceutical compsns of paclitaxel, paclitaxel analogues or paclitaxel conjugates and related methods of preparation and use
    Angiochem 2279008*

  • Methods and compsns for the treatment or prevention of pathological cardiac remodelling and heart failure
    University of Rochester 2279009*

  • Renal function analysis method and apparatus
    Pharmacophotonics 2279010*

  • Substrate based PET imaging agents
    Siemens Medical Solutions 2279011*

  • Substituted phenoxybenxamides
    Bayer Schering Pharma 2279166*

  • Novel process for the preparation of 4-fluoro-alpha-(2-methyl-1-oxopropyl)-gamma-oxo-N-8-diphenylbenzene-butanamide and products therefrom
    Arch Pharmalabs 2279167*

  • Processes for synthesising 1-(2-ethylbutyl) cyclohexane carbonitrile
    F Hoffmann-La Roche 2279168*

  • Therapeutic compounds
    Allergan 2279169*

  • Crystal forms of astaxanthin
    DSM IP Assets 2279171*

  • Use of ionic liquids with tetracyanoborate anions as a solvent for extraction of alcohols from aqueous solutions
    Merck Patent 2279172*

  • New arylsulphonylglycine derivatives, the preparation thereof and their use as medicaments
    Boehringer Ingelheim International 2279173*

  • Arylsulphonamide compounds, compsns and methods of use
    Genentech; The Walther and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research 2279174*

  • Process for the preparation of naphthalen-2-yl-pyrazol-3-one intermediates useful in the synthesis of sigma receptor inhibitors
    Laboratoires de Dr Esteve 2279175*

  • Novel imidazole derivatives having microbicidal activity
    Syngenta Participations 2279176*

  • Novel substituted heteraromatic compounds as inhibitors of stearoyl-coenzyme A delta-9 desaturase
    Merck Frosst Canada 2279177*

  • Phenyl piperazine compounds, pharmaceutical compsns including the same, and use thereof
    SK Holdings 2279179*

  • Indoles as modulators of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtype Alpha-7
    Glaxo Group 2279183*

  • Indole modulators of the alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
    Glaxo Group 2279184*

  • Catalysed carbonylation in the synthesis of angiotensin II antagonists
    LEK Pharmaceuticals 2279185*

  • Conversion of tryptophan into B-carboline derivatives
    LEK Pharmaceuticals 2279186*

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