Smart data management


Antares Vision the experts in track and trace solutions, launch new software system Avionics at Achema, for the optimisation and monitoring of production processes

Avionics is a comprehensive software tool designed to monitor the production, efficiency and performances of the production line in real-time.

Avionics collects and monitors information coming from all lines including, but not limited to: current status of production, instant and cumulated speed, overall equipment efficiency, camera performances and percentage of batch progression to complete the order.

Leverage investments

Once ready and compliant for serialisation, it’s time to leverage investments to monitor and optimise production. Take opportunities from the currently implemented production environment to improve business processes at line, plant up to corporate level thanks to real-time monitoring of several KPIs.

Real-time overall control

Management, maintenance personnel, operators and other functions can get evidences about issues in process or production equipment, specific for their area of interest. Once Avionics has notified the situation, all different functions are enabled to get quicker decisions to solve the issue.

Zero impact when installing

Avionics easily installs as an add-on module on the lines without impacting the validation procedures and the performance of the existing systems.

Main function and advantages

  • Dashboard to live-monitor performances from lines, plants, up to corporate level of all the production parameters
  • Aggregation of performance data from each line gives plant managers the complete picture of the entire situation, enabling appropriate and data-driven actions
  • The department managers know in real time the status of the lines assigned to them: if they are in operation, they are ready to go, or stop for some reason
  • The batch completion time is always under control thanks to sophisticated projections and indicators
  • The analysis of production data history allows a better and more effective planning of future activities
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