Tjoapack and Veratrak launch EPOCH initiative


The new platform will first look at utilising blockchain to improve pharmaceutical supply chain operations

Tjoapack and Veratrak launch EPOCH initiative

Global contract packaging and supply chain organisation (CPO), Tjoapack and UK-based technology company, Veratrak, have launched the European Platform on Changing Healthcare (EPOCH) as part of their ongoing partnership dedicated to improving pharmaceutical supply chain operations.

EPOCH is a virtual platform, designed to allow the healthcare industry to effectively research and explore new technologies that will help to shape the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain and improve patient care.

The new platform will focus on a different theme every 6 months. The first theme will be blockchain, in line with the project Tjoapack and Veratrak are currently working on to secure and optimise the data sharing processes involved in setting up stock keeping units (SKUs) ready for packaging.

Dr Anita Paz, Innovation Consultant, Tjoapack said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of EPOCH. The platform will provide a collaborative environment for all its members and sponsors to facilitate the development of new ideas that will benefit the pharmaceutical supply chain."

“Beyond this, it will act as a communication tool to help proactively roll out these new ideas and provide an educational platform offering insight into new developments across the supply chain and how these can be best implemented. It is an exciting project to be part of."

“At Tjoapack, we have a long history of employing innovative new technology to improve the pharmaceutical supply chain and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can achieve with Veratrak and the EPOCH member community.”

As well as providing a communication hub for the pharmaceutical and technology companies across the industry, the EPOCH platform will also produce original research intended to guide the application of new technologies within member supply chains.

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Jason Lacombe, CEO, Veratrak said: “The EPOCH platform is the latest initiative to come out of our ongoing collaboration with Tjoapack. We’re committed to involving as many people as possible from the pharmaceutical supply chain in future projects so that we can pool our knowledge and resource for the benefit of the industry and ultimately the patients it serves.”