TurboFil introduces semi and fully automatic vial crimping machines


The three-model lineup includes the Benchtop, Standalone and In-Line machines

TurboFil introduces semi and fully automatic vial crimping machines

TurboFil Packaging Machines has introduced a lineup of semi- and fully automatic vial crimping machines. Designed for manufacturing applications from R&D through scale-up and large-batch production, the CrimpTech series uses a four-jaw collet approach.

The crimpers can handle vials in various shapes and sizes, and feature toolless changeover for minimised downtime. The fully automatic version can process 50 containers per minute, with caps fed via a stainless steel vibratory feeder. The unit ensures each item is stopper-tamped prior to crimping for a level seal, Turbofil says.

The three-model lineup includes the Benchtop, a semi-automatic unit which can be placed under laminar flow hoods in aseptic and cleanroom applications. It’s suitable especially for R&D and pre-production efforts.

The Standalone is an automatic tabletop module where pre-stoppered vials enter and exit via tray. The unit offers collet changeover for different cap styles or vials of various diameters.

The In-line is an automatic crimper that can connect to various other units along a packaging line.

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“Despite their individual application fortes, the three models in our CrimpTech Series all have several common denominators, including reliability, precision and cost-effectiveness,” said Deborah Smook, VP of Marketing & Business Development for TurboFil Packaging Machines. “Each machine maximises simplicity for an often complex and always critical part of the primary packaging processing: crimping. From cleanroom R&D through full-scale production, the series marries versatility and value without sacrificing accuracy.”