Vetter centralises development labs at German headquarters

The site has been designed to improve workflow and enhance customer benefits

Modern laboratory environment in the new 1,800 sqm building. Picture source: Vetter Pharma International

Global CDMO Vetter has brought together its development laboratories in one Ravensburg site end of last year. The site has been designed to improve workflow and enhance customer benefits with daily support in complex development projects.

Services at the 1,800 sqm building include process development as well as functional and specification testing of packaging systems, chemical-analytical and biochemical analysis and particle characterisation.

State-of-the-art non-GMP laboratory space and equipment combined with a leading-edge GMP analytical laboratory now allow for increased capacity and optimised work spaces.

At present, more than fifty employees work in the new labs. By bringing the laboratories under one roof, employees easily share expertise and know-how to improve and simplify information exchange, leverage synergies and reinforce an overall positive work atmosphere.

Overall customer will benefit from the alignment. Prior to the bundling of its laboratories, the development studies and the corresponding analytical services for testing during process or packaging material development took place in several labs at different locations in Ravensburg and Langenargen. By sequencing these services, processes have been synchronized and handling issues reduced, all leading to numerous benefits primarily for customer projects, but also for projects undertaken within the company.

“Dr Claus Feussner, Senior VP of Development Service. Expansion will continue within the building throughout the year and includes still more lab space and the provision of additional innovative analytical equipment and lyophiliser capacity.

Vetter is also committed to further process optimisation and capacity expansion in filling and secondary packaging of injectables at all its sites. This is based on increased global customer demand for the development and commercialisation of promising new compounds.

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